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Récents articles revus et publiés
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Livre publié
  • Jean, J., Garcia-Pérez, M-E., Guérard, S. et Pouliot, R. (2011), "Psoriasis : Causes, Treatments and Pathological Models". Éditeurs: Nova Science Publishers. ISBN-10: 1612096913
Chapitres de livres publiés
  • Roy, B., Simard, M., Lorthois, I., Bélanger, A., Maheux, M., Duque-Fernandez, A., Rioux, G., Simard, P., Deslauriers, M., Masson, L.-C., Morin, A. and Pouliot, R., "In vitro models of Psoriasis", Elsevier, Skin Tissue Models (IN-PRESS).
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Articles promotionnels des projets de recherche
  • Pouliot, R. (2014), Modelling psoriasis. International Innovation, Healthcare Issue, 122, 95-97.
  • Pouliot, R. et Auger, M., (2012), The reconstruction of psoriatic skin. International Innovation, Healthcare Issue, 16, 76-78.